The Journey Begins

Hello readers, I am Kirti Agarwal from Jhansi. Welcome to my blog STUN YOUR SWAG.    Swag is not something you wear, it is something you are born with. Thanks for joining me. Your suggestions are most welcome.  

Her spark of hope.

When we all stand at the threshold of what might shape our future life, it’s unarguably necessary to stand against some unforeseen or unwanted circumstances indefatigably. Yes, I know you all are mature enough to pose infront of the challenges that your life throws at you but what we fail to do is grab the … More Her spark of hope.

Mentoring Matters(Part 1)

लोहा पारस परस भई, कंचन भई तलवार लेकिन तीनों नाम मरे , मार धार आकर , ज्ञान हथौड़ा जब पड़ा सत्गुरु मिले सुनाए , तुलसी तीनों काट गए , मार धार आकर Which means: Sword is full of violence but once a mentor comes into life , it gives life a beautiful meaning , and … More Mentoring Matters(Part 1)